Monday, November 8, 2010

Late report on Halloween and Autumn

My first fall in America. It's warmer longer and brighter than in Russia. It's different. First Autumn after 15 years without studying. First Autumn without my parents and friends. First Autumn with my love... I'm happy and sad at the same time. I'm remembering my childhood, I can't believe that it's over, and I can't believe than there can be something better then childhood. I'm not old, I'm young, I'm 23.. And it is time to think how to live my life, it is a little bit late, but it is never too late.. Autumn always makes me think about my life and and makes me wanna start something you. For me autumn is not the end, it is not fading it was always the beginning of school beginning of doing something after summer relaxation
Here are some of my Autumn pictures

Appleworks orchrid

pumpkin that I carved.. already getting bad(

my Halloween decorations

my cat Smokie and his cardboard friend 

my Halloween image

my love on the train tracks