Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Surreal Parade

Last Saturday me and Jared went to James Dean festival in Fairmont. James Dean is everything that Fairmount have. So I guess the day of the J. D. festival is the most important day of this little town. We came right in time for the parade, which started at 2 pm. Even though like I said - James Dean - is all that they can be proud off -  the parade included everything, but James Dean. It was a pretty surreal act. It included everything: police and fire cars, political candidates commercial, clowns, church choir, african drums group, Elvis impersonator, different social clubs, symphonic orchestra, truck filled with local country musicians, bikers, old cars.. and more and more and more.. So even though it wasn't someth, that was well-planned and rehearsed it impressed me a lot with it's colorfulness frankness..
here are some pictures

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