Thursday, August 26, 2010

Project: a place where adults can feel like children again

 Today's air makes me remember my childhood days at my grandma's summer house (dacha). It's sunny, but there is a little bit of cool breeze, the air is so fresh, I can smell autumn in it and spring too, for some reason... My grandma's house was wooden old-russian stile house with lot's of trees around. There was paticular smell of old wood in it. Rooms were a little bit dark, but still very cozy for me. I remember myself building fortresses on the table from cubes towers and archs. I would settle there chess figures and play with them by myself or with friends. Chess kings, queens, pawns, bishops, rooks, knights would be my toys... No worries, no heavy thoughts only the world  of my imagination, fairy tale world..I wish I could come back to that state of mind again..
That's why I got the idea of designing a space,where adults could feel like children again.

dacha house

the air

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