Wednesday, August 25, 2010

were we designed to live where we were born?

Some people say:"you belong, where you were born" Is that really true? We like to travel, we like to move and widen horizons, learn new things. Sometimes after we come home from another trip we say:"I wanna move there", "someday I wanna live there"... But when we actually move to another place, we start to miss home, we forget all the bad and remember only good, we start too look for minuses of our new habbitat and forget , why we wanted to live there..
My name is Katya, I was born in Moscow, Russia and I'm currently moving to US. My Dad grew up in America. I started travelling here since 2006. I've been all over US. After my first trip I came home as a completely different person. I knew I would come back to America, but I didn't think Iwould move here.It happened on my second trip - I fell in love. Thats why I'm moving.
It's been about two months since I came here.What do I miss about home?

1 walking (it's almost impossible to move here if you don't have a car)
2 my city (Moscow is completely different from Indianapolis, IN)
3 the air (although the air is better here, i still miss russian air)
4 my relatives and friends
5 tradition of drinking tea

What facinated me most abt America? - cowboy ranches

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